Mistreat - No need to apologize

THE Finnish RAC veteran MISTREAT, a real institution and an absolute guarantee for an extremely good atmosphere at all their concerts, is back with a new album! Although the group is already well into its fourth decade of existence, the band still sounds young, fresh and rousing. As they have since their early days, the guys are convincing on their new album with rough lyrics and their melodic rock, which is always fast and impetuous.

Ten of the twelve songs are performed in the classic English language and the other two in the band's native language. There's really no need to waste many words, anyone who likes Mistreat and Muke's raspy voice will quickly fall in love with this piece of music.

As usual, good presentation and there is exactly one version. But now all that's left to say is - No need to apologize! No one has to apologize for their white skin color!

1. Love at First Fight  

2. Kill Yourself  

3. No Hope, Just Hate

4. Fewer Guns, Fewer Men

5. No Need To Apologize

6. Pitkä Perjantai

7. Rebel Eternally

8. There's Always Space (Behind the Shed)  

9. Terror of Morocco

10. Silver Bullet

11. Enough is Enough!  

12. Sotamarssi

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