Nordland V

Most of the Swedish rock for freedom bands have made their debut on this good old classic Swedish compilation series. It's been put on ice for awhile as the labels that once started it (Nordland and Svea Musik) is no longer around. It hereby re-appears under our banner and we promise you that Nordland 5 is as good as the earlier ones if not even better...

The first band is brand new and fresh one from the deep woods of Småland (a location in Sweden); Endless Pride. When the boys recorded their contribution to this album they were only 17 years old! In other words, they weren't even born when Skrewdriver released their classic single White Power! They are playing classic Swedish skinheadrock and one can hear the influences from bands like Division S and Dirlewanger! We are really looking forward to seeing what they can do and perform on their full length album that will be recorded in a near future.

Then Vit Legion follows up, the band that released their debute album this spring. They go at it in the same way as earlier but with a much better production this time. All the ones that liked their album are going to love these tracks. Their music sounds both tighter and better than on their full length album that was very welcomed on the Swedish rock for freedom scene when it was released!

The third band is Steelcapped strenght . No rookies to say the least. Probably one of Swedens most popular band inernationally now that Pluton Svea has been put on rest. They tour around europe on a regular basis with a enormous support from fans all over. They deliver 4 strong tracks on this album in a true Steelcapped spirit. They got a very strong support from their fans in Sweden as well and aren't called Norrlands (a part of Sweden) version of Skrewdriver for nothing...

As a last band on the album we present the most popular band in Sweden right now; Storm . On these tracks they've taken a few steps back towards their musical roots. And they do it good. We promise that you will hear 3 really good Storm tracks that will be played over and over again on the CD-players belonging to radikal patriots.

1. Endless Pride - De kommer hit
2. Endless Pride - Redo för strid
3. Endless Pride - Daniel Wretströms (R.I.P)
4. Vit Legion - Under blå-gult banér
5. Vit Legion - Nordland
6. Vit Legion - Vinternatt
7. Steelcapped strength - This is my fate
8. Steelcapped strength - King of R.A.C
9. Steelcapped strength - White rage
10. Steelcapped strength - Freedomcrew
11. Storm - Röd som blod?!
12. Storm - Länge leve mångfalden!?
13. Storm - Farväl Moder Svea


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