Vit Legion - Tusen kulor

This is the band that had a well-known name in Sweden even before they released their first recording. Unfortunately not because of something good, rather the opposite...


Their original drummer was Daniel Wretström who was murdered by a immigrant gang, just because he was racial aware and did not hide it. The band continued with a new drummer after Daniels tragic death and they still to this day practise at Daniels mothers house.

And they have practised alot... Never before in our genre a band have improved this much from their debout to their follow-up album. Their first album was young and angry skinheadsrock. Now they might not be that young anymore but still very angry. For this album they spend 2(!) full months in the studio and the result if ofcourse something extra. Its tight, hard and brutal. Some persons who heard it thought it was Vit Aggression reborned... So even if its only in swedish we predict that this album will be very popular world wide.

1. Gårdagens Problem
2. Svunna Tider
3. Svin Av Er Sort
4. Farväl
5. Dör med dig
6. Tusen Kulor
7. Vitt Motstånd
8. Tappra Män
9. Svensk Gryning
10. Under Korpens Vingar
11. Ruiner
12. X.X.X

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