Blutzeugen - Opferbereitschaft

A world on the brink, detached from all values and rules, a future that looks dark and threatening... it's time to confess and sacrifice... "Opferbereitschaft" (Willingness to make sacrifices) is also the title of the new work by the men of Blutzeugen. There is no standstill here, but 100% political rock as it must sound in 2022, no softened phrases, no beating around, here the iron is forged as the law of our blood commands! 11 songs are offered, five completely new + five newly set to music works and 1 title of another well-known band which now shines in new splendor. The 16-page booklet rounds off the overall work of art.

1. Wiedergänger

2. Zu höherem Geboren

3. Weltanschauung

4. Mordbrigaden

5. Utopie & Wirklichkeit

6. Ewige Wache

7. Inquisitor

8. Hammer oder Amboss

9. Schwerter und Brillanten

10. Frei geboren!

11. Nibelungentreue

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