Zillertaler Virenjäger - Endzeit Party

Hallelujah! Two years of complete worldwide madness are behind us and the carousel of fools is spinning faster and faster. Now it's summer break and the people of Zillertal invite you to the end time party! The title could not have been more apt given the doom and gloom scenarios that are constantly being propagated here. While the cowardly system artists keep their mouths shut, as always, the guys from the Zillertal speak plain language in a sarcastic and humorous way. Somebody has to do it! Musically, the palette ranges from Malle hits to hits and rock music. The piece "Fahrt zum Hölle", which was published 2 years ago and speaks out against compulsory vaccination and has already been played at numerous demonstrations and events, has now been immortalized on sound recording for the first time.

1. Auftakt

2. A.S.M.E.P.A.D.Z.

3. Totengeile Endzeit Party

4. Oh Carola

5. Untergang

6. Ausser Mama

7. Ich Brauch Ne Neue

8. König Fussball

9. Greta

10. Ihr Nicht

11. Fahrt Zur Hölle

12. Bella Ciao

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