Richtlinie - Ewige Flamme digi

Almost 2 years after their debut, the one-man band Richtlinie reveals 10 new songs. The South German has now gotten some support in the recording studio and I think you can hear that too. Of course there are still rough edges here and there, but an improvement and a unique note can definitely be heard here. This time you can also hear his clear singing from the young warrior more often, which is absolutely good for the whole thing. The songs are 100% political (excluding “Mein Mädelein”). Among other things, people sing about our old flags, the revolution, the ancestors or the deluded youth who only live in their TikTok world. Even if the design seems a bit "wintery", don't let that confuse you, it's not a Yule CD ;-) The man behind the instruments has already thought of something. The whole thing comes in the first edition in a hand-numbered and shrink-wrapped digipak, which is limited to 500 pieces. You can browse all the texts and greetings in the 16-page supplement!

1. Heiliges Fahnentuch

2. White Brothers In Arms

3. Schiffe Gen Westen

4. Vergessene Helden

5. Deutschland Ist Erwacht

6. Der Weg Zur Revolution

7. Mein Mädelein

8. Tik Tok Thron

9. Bruderheer

10. Ein Europäischer Traum

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