Weisse Wölfe & Honor Hostil - Teutonic Iberian Brotherhood

Das Zeughaus are kicking starting year 24 with a split CD with the two veterans. In german corner we find Weisse Wölfe and in the Spanisah corner we find Honor Hostil (former “Brigada Totenkopf”).

The boys from Sauerland are the first to start and as always there is no big “Bla Bla” here, but rather what you think and feel are sung. 5 new songs in German by Schnack and his men are available to your eardrums.

It continues with the Spaniards for Honor Hostil. The gentlemen have also recorded 5 new songs, all of which are in the local language. These guys don't let anything go wrong! Cleanly played RAC with a slight metal touch and despite the language you can't go wrong here.

In addition to the 10 new songs, there is also a well-known wolves song, which was newly recorded and in which both singers give each other the blade, each in German and Spanish. So a total of 11 songs, which are cleanly produced and a booklet with an absolutely successful design in which you can find all the lyrics.

Weisse Wölfe

1. Aggression

2. Allvaters Anrufung

3. Niemals Auf Knien

4. Letzte Generation

5. Unsterblicher Geist

Honor Hostil

6. Lobos Blancos

7. Pro Violencia

8. En El Norte

9. Ajuste De Cuentas

10. Honor Hostil

Weisse Wölfe & Honor Hostil

11. Europe Awake

Das Zeughaus

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