Stahlgewitter - Das Hohelied der Herkunft

It was almost seven years ago since we heard the mighty and powerful sound of Stahlgewitter!


Now are they back with a new full-length album with the classic raw stahlgewitter sound which means  awesome guitar riffs and nice melodies backed up by brutal drums and to all that great music we add Gigis powerful vocals which roars  out the well written lyrics that don't leave any questions about were the band stands.


Take out the 20 pages think booklet and put in the cd in the player and enjoy almost 47 minutes of the brutal steelstorm sound of Stahlgewitter!


( To make up to their fans for the long waiting for new material they released a mini-cd at the same time as this album, the mini-cd goes under the name "Stählerne Romantik" and of course will you find it in our shop)


1. Die Idee ist unbesiegt

2. Die Zahl deiner Feinde

3. Die letzten Goten

4. Das Hohelied der Herkunft

5. Deine Asche - Dein Grab

6. Besatzerpolitik I

7. Blendwerk Toleranz

8. Wenn sie alle weichen

9. Boten der Wahrheit

10. Sie wollen uns

11. Zugehört !



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