True Aggression - Wegweiser

With Wotan's beard... That's what happens when you lock guys like this in the recording studio (in this case the basement) for a few days and nights in the deepest German winter with plenty of mead and barley juice.

11 times mythology, tradition, love of country and fighting spirit with lots of melody and true Germanic passion. Real connoisseurs will of course immediately see that the cover drawing (made especially for this album) is a German homage to the Swedish Viking rock inventors Ultima Thule. Fits this album like a glove for left-wing liberals. Occasionally unconventional instruments such as Tagelharpa and Nyckelharpa can also be heard. This successfully rounds off the Nordic flair of the production. Comes with a stylish 12-page booklet including all texts.

1. Am Anfang Das Ende

2. Ragna Rock-Roll

3. Lang Lebe Das Vaterland

4. Wir Nicht

5. Gedanke Und Erinnerung

6. Die Axt Im Wald

7. Wegweiser

8. Die Wilde Jagd

9. 444

10. Flieg Rabe Flieg

11. Wie Ein Rudel Wölfe

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