Storm - Terror State (std)

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A full decade of resistance rock n roll! Storm marks here that they been around for 10 years and what an album to mark this with!


Well-written lyrics in both Swedish and English from the leading Swedish white power band at the moment.


Musically it's a step back to their roots, it's more simple and straight than their last album Levande historia. But don't get fooled, it's still very well produced and more easy going then it been before. It's influenced by everything from straight ahead RAC-rock, punk, metal and Oi-music. In other words, it's something for everyone to love with this album. On top of that, you put Kenneth's charismatic voice and the result is a powerful album from one of the leading swedish bands at the moment.

1. Hate Rock'n'Roll
2. The Voice of Resistance!
3. 1984
4. No Guilt, No Shame
5. Once...
6. Din Undergång
7. Commieknocker
8. Put the White Man First!
9. Gör rätt - räds intet!
10. Who Cares?
11. Dictate Your Own Fate
12. Rädda ögon
13. Terror State

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