London Breed & The Ovaltinees - Defence Fund

The last few years in England have also been hard for the political right-wing movement and have hit some friends hard. Raids, seizures, detentions and investigations under absurd “terror” laws have gotten some people into serious trouble. The legal costs are beyond imagination and so the honorable gentlemen of these two bands have come together to help. The result is 2 new songs, which now see the light of day on this mini CD. London Breed has already played her way into the hearts of RAC listeners with her two albums. The two titles follow this material seamlessly. For Mick and The Ovaltinees it will be their first recordings since the mid-nineties. There are also 2 new songs to hear here. Thematically, the split sends a clear message - friends, we stand together and will not allow ourselves to be criminalized, no matter what paragraphs riders want to construct there!

We are happy to help and so this thing is available exclusively in Germany. Comes in a digipak, shrink-wrapped, hand-numbered to 500 copies! Gentlemen, well done!

The Ovaltinees

1. State of the nation

2. Shoulder to shoulder

London Breed

3. Justice is a joke

2. Whatcha gonna do?

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