Public Enemy - Skinheads, Fought For Our Freedom!

22 Songs from the early days of Public Enemy, recorded around their debut called England‘s glory.

Pure patriotic Oi from England even before Paul Burnley radicalized the band.

This limited CD contains two live-sets with all their classics as well as unknown songs plus their 4-track studiodemo from 1984 for the FIRST TIME on CD!

The 24-panel booklet includes pics, interviews, bandstory and a very special oldschool design that can be used as a poster too!

The live-recordings are not only for documentary purposes and are in the same vein as well-known live & loud vinyls from the 80s.

1985 Live

1. Disco Nightmare

2. Strength Thru Oi

3. Proud To Be British

4. Bank Holiday

5. Pervert

6. Win Or Die

7. Public Enemy

1986 Live

8. Fought For Freedom

9. No respect

10. Whites Unite

11. IRA Bastards

12. Smash The System

13. Do see

14. 1984

15. Proud To Be British

16. Public Enemy

17. Whites Unite pt2

18. Skinheads

1984 Studio Demos

19. Skinheads

20. Sound of the street

21. Fought For Freedom

22. Proud To Be British

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