Ivan and the Necrolytes - Some Place Dark (Digi)

Ivan and the Necrolytes - Some Place Dark is the highly anticipated Ivan and the Necrolytes debut full length album! If you are into horror movies or any kind of the macabre, you should absolutely love Ivan and the Necrolytes! The Necrolytes have an original sound that is influenced by the greats such as the Misfits, Type O Negative, The Doors and Black Sabbath, with crooning vocals and twisted psychopathic lyrics - there is something here for everyone to love (or hate if you are a sissy).


01. Criswell's Corpses

02. Brutally Morbid Pregnant Nun Massacre

03. Hunters Moon

04. Crimson Veil

05. Cadaverine

06. Black Hallowmass

07. Death Prenatal

08. I Drink Blood

09. Goregeous

10. Flesh Hungry

11. Ghost of the Gallows

12. Midnight Rain

13. Twilight Time

14. Dream Lover




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