The Yardbombs - 100 percent coverage! Digi

The Australian band has once again shown a flick to the world, this time by giving new meaning to 16 pop-rock hits with their unique and humorous lyrics.

This is the 6th Yardbombs album in a row on which Jesse’s (Death Head) vocals make the familiar melodies quite loveable.

The graphics on the digipack cover faithfully reflect what you can expect while listening to the CD.

1. American Aryan Girl

2. Banned from the pub

3. Breaking the law

4. Kill yourself

5. Lesson in violence

6. Hate and whiskey

7. Fight for your right (to nazi)

8. Rock’n’roll ni.....

9. Something to believe

10. Payback

11. Time

12. H8?er bOi!

13. That aint my America

14. When the generals talk

15. Where have all the bootboys gone?

16. 8? Balloons

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