The 96 Brigade - Can you hear us now?


The very popular The 96 Brigade is back, returning with a no holds barred attack on those who have destroyed their country from the top down.

There are 6 brand new politically charged tracks picking up where their first album ""Revolution for dummies"" left off, as well as three classic RAC covers and a ripping version of ""America the beautiful"".

The band play a powerful mix of rock and punk with the aggression of hardcore, blending it to unique style, not easily comparable to any other bands. One of the best US RAC bands in years. Comes complete with a full colour booklet with lyrics etc.



01. Not if but when

02. Call to arms

03. As the flames

04. I hate commie scum

05. It's our turn

06. The ones who fight

07. He's a red

08. America the beautiful

09. The showdown

10. Can you hear us now?

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