Steelcapped Bisson - Proud & Free R.A.C

Just as Pluton Sveas lead singer Jocke Karlsson did some years ago Bisson from Steelcapped Strenght comes with a solo-Cd. And exactly as Jocke he does it extremely well... Yes, it's so good that we actually don't think we heard him so good since their debut CD Sons of glory.

It's of course very much Skrewdriver over it but its better produced this time and the lyrics are stronger and more radical than a normal Steelcapped Strenght production. It's straight RAC-rock as so many grown up to love.

1. Res er upp!
2. Hass & veracthtung
3. Proud & free - RAC
4. I ärans namn
5. Skinhead 88
6. Fooled once again
7. Patriots never die
8. Where's the eagle
9. Proudness and pain
10. Still burning
11. Hymn to these lands
12. Skinhead hangover

13. Snow fell

# Midgård

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