Steelcaped Strenght - Sons of glory

Ovee the year's have we probably received hundreds of emails "Do you maybe have 1 copy of son's of glory laying around?" There is many things in life to be happy about but email 's isn't one of them, so when we in April last year received six (!) Emails under one and the same week we felt that a line was crossed which lead us to make a a deal for a license press

Bisson said in a interview from 2095 made by that this album (and title track) was the one that he was most satisfied with. We say that satisfied isn't enough. This one he should also be proud or. This album have that something special feeling around it just like Vit aggression - Död åt @@@, Division S - Attack, or Pluton Svea -Segermarschen. One can hear directly that the album will stand the test of time and this album is a proof of that theory.

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