Flatlander - M.M.X.X (Digi)

"The Flatlander from the Netherlands now presents us the CD version of his already digitally published mini CD. The demand for something tangible was just too great and so he decided to press the CD. Known from numerous ballad evenings, his "Corona Live Concert" and certainly from his Facebook page, we are offered a really nice rock ballad CD here. I had mentioned it several times, vocally he always reminds me positively of Bobby from Cut Throat. There are a total of 8 tracks, 2 of which were recorded especially for this CD. This beautiful disc is rounded off by a very beautiful design. Definitely a buy recommendation for friends of quieter sounds. More please." <--------Quote label

01. Come With Me

02. The Lion's Roar

03. Ode to A Dying People (RaHoWa cover)

04. From Bohemia To Bruges

05. Embers of Yesterday

06. Wachten tot het valt

07. The Beast

08. Handen Ineen

Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede

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