Aggressive force - Aggressive force

Finally a re-press on this classic album and this time with a couple of bonus tracks. Catchy punkrock with a touch of both Oi and RAC.

Behind this band hides a quite impressive line-up, on vocals do we of course find Brian with his brilliant song and on guitar do we find Roy (Final war) on bass do we have Kenn (Youngland) and behind the drums do we find Scott (Extreme Hatred).


Release year: 2000 / 2015 


1. Time For War

2. Leading The Way

3. Stand Tall

4. Face To Face

5. Closet Coward

6. The Captain

7. W.P. Skinheads

8. Might Is Right

9. It's Okay To Be White

10. Drink, Fight, Kill!

11. Finnegan's Wake

12. !Pride!

13. Securing What's Sacred

14. O.C. Belongs To Me


Bonus Tracks:

15. Before The Night Falls

16. Time For War/Leading The Way (Live)

17. Closet Coward (Live)

18. Face To Face (Live)

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