Weisse Wölfe - Gut und Böse

What is worth waiting for! With “Gut und Böse”, Schnack and his boys have succeeded in creating a really nice piece of music after a 4-year break. Everything a patriot's heart desires is served here. We're talking about catchy songs that sprout with optimism and great melodies. The very good production can also score here. Damn it, the White Wolves have left their mark on me and I can only recommend anyone who is into melodic RAC or who is thinking about accessing here in the future. With repeated listening the album grows more and more. Spoilers - This is more than just music! - QUOTE LABEL

01. Intro

02. SOS Europa

03. Willkommen

04. Maulkorb und Rotstift

05. Selbstmord auf Raten

06. Gut und Böse

07. Kreuzritter

08. Europa der Vaterländer

09. Sargnagel

10. Bloodsuckers & Mindfuckers

11. F.Y.G.!

12. Für Dich

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