Weg Des Erwachens - Welt am Abgrund

Welcome to your 'Path of Awakening' in 2021! Whipped like a tsunami by the god of thunder himself, "WdE" will flood your ears from now on! Melodic metalcore paired with hot topics, against the lethargic zeitgeist. For the benefit of mother nature, freedom, of the old gods and the beloved fatherland, sees a true northern light in these stormy times with the debut "Welt am Abgrund". The guys are definitely no strangers and have more than 20 years of music experience under their belt, which even inexperienced Ears will be noticed very quickly. Fat drums stomp in unison with lurid guitar rhythms and on top of that a voice that almost destroys your eardrums! For the eye, all the lyrics on 16 pages have been refined in a gloomy guise

01. Weg des Erwachens

02. Meinungsdespotie

03. Welt am Abgrund

04. Sumpf

05. Weg nach vorn

06. Illusion

07. Ende des Tunnels

08. Massenhysterie

09. Indoktrinierter Hype

10. Auf Wanderschaft

11. Leben zählen

12. Heile Welt

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