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Released in 2023 by Rebel Records. The Chemnitzer Sturmkrieger are attacking with their debut album of the same name! And it really is something special, because the brave warriors have been traveling in other bands for years and are therefore anything but newcomers to the battlefield. And you can hear that very clearly! Their sound is beautifully straightforward, direct and should go down like oil in classic right-wing rock. On top of that, what really shines is her varied singing, which is more than easy on the ear. Lyrically, Sturmkrieger don't mince words and have more than one finger in the wound, but they don't overshoot the mark (according to our lawyer ;-)! There is also a 16-page supplement included


1. Intro

2. Revisionist

3. Immer Wieder0

4. Satus Teutonicus

5. Germaniens Krieger

6. Wut

7. Bannerschaft

8. Bilderbuch0

9. Stuka (feat. Sturmkommando)

10. Der Sinn

11. Einsam Und Verlassen

12. F.N.V.

13. Mach Sowas Nicht Mit Mir

14. Landser (Fadenkreuz cover)

15. Komm Her Zu Mir

16. Namenloser Held (feat. Heilige Jugend)

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