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Masterpieces owe their creation to genius, their perfection to hard work. Pretty thick, right? But what began in 1995 with a rumbling demo culminates in exactly this sentence in 2023. Because what Frontalkraft have delivered here with “Ab Heute frei” 8 years after their last full album is without a doubt one of the most diverse and rousing musical outpourings that right-wing rock has produced! What is the recipe for success? The instinct for hymn-like songwriting that has always existed is paired here on 14 songs in an extremely diverse range of catchy melodies, riffs that drill into your head, complex arrangements characterized by a wide variety of finesse and an extraordinarily personal touch in the text and message. Singer Sten sounds more variable, dynamic and sometimes truly diabolical than ever before. Whether it's the driving "Wa(h)re Heimat", the disillusioned "Gefangen in Dir", the brutally collaborated "Gefangen in Dir", the profoundly emotional "An Dich" or the demonic "Mein letzter Tanz” - the Cottbussers unfold at 60 Minutes have an unprecedented charisma and, thanks to the precise sound mixing, they also deliver a guarantee of persistent catchy tunes for every taste. In short: Frontalkraft never sounded or seemed more mature and better than on “Ab heute fre”.

1. Dein Wille Ist Dein Schwert

2. In Aller Deutschlichkeit

3. Sieger

4. Wa(h)re Heimat

5. Einfach So

6. Angst Vor Der Angst

7. Ab Heute Frei

8. Ewig Grünes Eichenlaub

9. Gefangen In Dir (feat. Übermensch)

10. Die Frage Aller Fragen

11. Die Gute Alte Zeit

12. An Dich

13. Schnauze Voll

14. Mein Letzter Tanz

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