Sick Society - Rechtsrocknetzwerk

Some of them might already be familiar with the band from their concert appearances and their members have also been active elsewhere, for many years, in a wide variety of groups. Especially as a live cast of Kraftschlag, the gentlemen have already torn down quite a few stages, but here they are now presenting their first CD of their own!

With their German and English lyrics, the guys blow around unconventionally and distribute baking solos in every direction for three quarters of an hour. "Keine toleranz", "Economy Bitch" or "Verlogene szene" are only mentioned here as examples. Musically, they go their own way, in a surprising way. But with their mixture of melodic rock, punk and a little metal , they always remind of one or the other Ami band, the 2nd and 3rd generation. In terms of sound technology, they also clearly oppose modernity, because instead of loudness war and sterility, they focused on a powerful, warm and analogue sound , which fits their music perfectly. With their debut, Sick Society deliver an album that deserves more than just a chance to do its rounds in the player.

1. H.T.W

2. Keine toleranz

3. Behave extrem

4. Rechtsrocknetzwerk

5. For faith und glory

6. Der Lump

7. Economy bitch

8. Verlogene szene

9. W.W.C

10. Grabenkampf

11. Under red command

12. Hey was solls

13. Ihr habt noch lange nicht gesiegt

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