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The two latest albums (Parzifal, Opferbereitschaft) from Blutzeugen have unfortunately ended up on the German index list. The solution is that they have picked out all the songs that are not problematic for the youth and put them on this record. This edition has been handled as a new disc release, which in this case means a stylish packaging and a new master. The latter is perhaps more for show as both albums should have been mastered to perfection from the start considering how recently they were released. Anyway, although you can still find both Parzifal and Opferbereitschaft with us, they will eventually run out and then this edition is more welcome.

1) Zum Appell

2) Helm ab zum Gebet

3) Parsifal

4) Kalt weht der Wind

5) Sie leben!

6) Dolchstoß

7) Zu Höherem geboren

8) Weltanschauung

9) Utopie und Wirklichkeit

10) Ewige Wache

11) Inquisitor

12) Hammer oder Amboss

13) Frei geboren

14) Nibelungentreue

15) Zwischen den Fronten

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