Sturmwehr & Faust - Europäischer Traum Teil 4

The well-known and popular series is entering the next round. This time Faust and Sturmwehr do the honors. 6 ballads each. Sturmwehr make the beginning, catchy and rich in melody as you know and wish for it. Faust continue right there. Great singing, sometimes in the classic ballad style and sometimes Patrick's angry voice gets on your ears. Both bands also use drums and electric guitar. Beautiful piece, the two harmonize perfectly with each other. Can only recommend. >>> Quote label


1. Kein fähnlein im wind

2. Ode an ein sterbendes volk

3. Kerben in der wand

4.Heinz tagebuch

5. Einzigartig

6. Dunkelheit


7. Worte der lüge

8. Sing mit wir das lied

9. Du bist schonlange nicht mehr hier

10. Dem untergang so nah

11. Naglfar

12. Am abgrund kann man besser schen

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