Die letzte Bastion- In einer Welt aus Trug und Schein

Here she comes, the answer to Angela Merkel's "We can do it ...". "The Last Bastion" with the Silverling, "Worn in a World and Shine" and the name is program. Twelve tracks have become with Intro and Outro, where open, musically portrayed, what we have done thanks to Merkel in 44 minutes. With a suitably designed 12-page booklet with all texts. From ballads with piano accompaniment to clanking guitars and percussion, everything is offered. The vocals are varied from clear to deep harsh vocals, it goes all the way to the last minute. A disc that should not have waited any longer.

01. Intro
02. In Einer Welt Aus Trug Und Schein
03. Die Letzte Bastion
04. Ingrimm
05. Ehrloses Grab
06. Es Ist Genug
07. In Einer Welt Aus Trug Und Schein Part II
08. Wir Werden Niemals Weichen
09. Die Goldene Regel
10. Oh Mein Schatz
11. Wenn Die Zeit Uns Ruft

12. Outro

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