Brutal Attack Tribute Digi

As the title says, A tribute, and in some way also a celebration to one of our scenes veteran bands. If you check out the track list so will see that the album is full of hit´s from Brutal attack preformed by well-known bands.

Smash the play button, crack a beer, and join the celebration of Brutal attacks first 40 years! (and yes we know that the 40 years anniversary already have passed by BUT HEY! why put a stop to a great party?)

Worth mention is that this is the uncensored version  with a couple extra songs!

If you are looking for to score a package deal with both the new Brutal attack tribute and Once upon a time in Mexico + the Crucified single, then check this link out!

1. Blackout - Healing hands

2. Bunker 84 - Outside

3. Eskalation - RAC

4. Evil inside feat KT8 - Dear mother

5. H8machine - Blind fury

6. Ironwill - When odin calls

7. Legion - Avenge or regret

8. Legion of st.George - Under the hammer

9. Mistreat - For the fallen and the free

10. Odal sieg - Europe is burning

11. Providenje - We won´t run

12. PWA - I´m free

13. Sleipnir - A woundewd man

14. Sturmwehr - Tales of glory

15. Thumbscrew - Show no mercy

16. Ultracocks - Too many people

17. White law - The return of St.George

18. Bandiera de combate - Bad attitude

19. Kodex frei - Always near


20. White rebel boys - I´m free

22. Kolovrat - Tales of glory

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