Sturmtrupp - Treffen in walhalla

After years of waiting, the guys from Sturmtrupp are back. You are offered 12 great songs that couldn't be better. Nothing has changed and the guys play confident, old skinhead sound with rough edges.  Sturmtrupp have hold tight to their sound and that decision was the correct one! As the saying goes "If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.......and call it modern").  100% recommendation!

1. Jahre

2. Hergestellt in Deutschland

3. Ihr lasst uns keine wahl

4. 100 prozent patriot

5. Tanz auf deinem regenbogen

6. Die traumfrau

7. Treffen in walhalla

8. Invasion

9. Rebellen

10. Medizin

11. Wenn die zeit kommt

12. Wir werden bleiben

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