Sankt Oi! - Gepriesen seist du

If you throw bands like Faustrecht, Smart Violence, Angry Bootboys and Pride & Pain into a blender then you will get drink called Sankt Oi! A tasty one too!

With roots in the boots is the lads manage to give us a modern Oi! album which you don´t need to wear nostalgic glasses to find interesting. Check out the sample and see what you think!

1. Intro

2. Helden der arbeit

3. Für immer nur du

4. Gemütlichkeit

5. Pogorausch

6. Gruß aus dem allgäu

7. Gepriesen seist du

8. Suffgesicht

9. Ich scheiß

10. Tradition

11. Herz

12. Gewalt im kopf

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