Stimmen der Ostküste - Bruderschaft

Usually, the authors of this project are housed in the popular band Ahnenblut, well-known for their tight and modern sound which they always deliver at the highest possible level. Which we will also be able to enjoy here as Ahnenblut stands for both music & lyric.

The goal for this album is to collect a contribution to the political work in Pomerania, A quick look at the line-up of singers shows that the goal are guaranteed to succeed

We guess it went better than they had dared to hope for. Who would have guessed that half of the German scene was inhabited around Pomerania. You can expect voices from the following bands: Stimme der Vergeltung, Path of Resistance, Painful Awakening, Bataillon 500, Weg des Erwachens, Ungebetene Gäste, Undying Loyalty, Ruf der Freiheit and Unsinkbar.

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