The Firm / The Pride - Looking for trouble vol.3


The 'Looking For Trouble' series continues with in your face Oi! music, this time it's a case of Holland vs Belgium.

A new school band from Holland is The Firm with some up tempo Oi! music all in English, a band to watch out for. Out of Belgium comes Bruges favourites The Pride, bringing some nice hooligan influenced Oi! Packaged in the same style as volumes 1&2 with lyrics and photos filling 16 pages and the high quality Oi! continues.

The Firm

1. Guttersnipes

2. Sharp Fuse

3. Not Your Friend

4. Hardened By Life

5. Birth Control

6. Xenophobic

The Pride

7. Intro

8. Rampage

9. Fuck You

10. Hooligan

11. Riot

12. Beer & Friends

13. Outro

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