Notlöhsung - Lebensmelodie teufels chirurgie (Dvd-case)

German street-rock that have been compaird to the hooligan band KC. Really clever and well played music. This is the collectors edition which is pressed in 199x and comes in a DVD box that also contains a band poster. We have very few of this one so think fast if you want to be sure to have a copy in your collection.



01. Angeli Caesi

02. Musik ohne Maulkorb

03. Nonkonform

04. Hirntod

05. Verloren in Bildern

06. Vom Teufel entführt

07. Ende

08. Neuland

09. Tag Eins

10. Auf Dich

11. Zimmer 237

12. Glas voll Amnesie

13. Asche

14. Sancta Ira




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