Johnny Zahngold - Regler nach rechts

The first album full of right-wing party hits is finally here. 14 B. Hits and M. Party Pop in the typical Johnny Prollo style. Summer EDM catchy tunes send their regards, but only WE have the fire, the prototype Faschoschlager, on the PC they really shit for almost 45 minutes. In terms of content, it's about German beer, pork & big boobs - in short: everything that should be taken from the old white man by the left-green world improvers between Fridays for Future, Femen campaigns, vegan sausages and pub dying: summer offensive in the right-wing pop (ulism) ! Guests on the CD are Wut aus Liebe and DOB, who are known from the great ballads with FLAK, the artwork is by Flatlander. Most of the previous songs like Father's Day or This Party Will Be Right-Wing Radical are already familiar to most of them from Facebook. Philistines and do-gooders, for whom Gabalier is too right, are guaranteed to have no fun with the JZ disk ... everyone else continues to shout about the beaches, village squares and dark German fire brigade festivals! The magazine for Alemania Assi Prolls judges professionally in 2020: "You ´re Right ... X-treme Sound! As a bald man, Johnny neither wears a toupee nor is his hair frizzy, but he is awake for more than a week, has a lot of gold and can drink Saufi aus'm Doppelhorn like a buffalo. This patriotic beer captain is a German daredevil and always comes without a flamingo, but with an imperial eagle! Cheers, your sacks - Cheers, you sack! " "QUOTE LABEL"

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