Johnny Zahngold - Apres ski fürrechte prolls MCD

Released by Front Musik & GKS33: Johnny Zahngold - Après-Ski for Recht Prolls - White XMas EP / The first disc with a right-wing party hit in Hüttengaudi-Style appears punctually for the cold season. 5 tracks await the real mulled wine drinker - of course there is party pop again in the classic Johnny Zahngold Prollo Art. Patriot EDM catchy tunes for a hearty White X-Mas party at the ski hut (or the party cellar, which has been redecorated thanks to Corona). The 100 best Christmas and winter songs by Schnarchsack & Langweiler are offered every December, but only WE have the fire, the right alpine hut prototype Faschoschlager: PC gets a quarter of an hour from Troidoitschen Nikolaus Johnny with the rod. The content is about hot dumplings (in front of the hut), booze & football chants at dart tournaments and the problem when men suddenly feel like women and therefore sit in the women's sauna - in short: everything that the old white man in the (before) Christmas time affects. Winter right-wing pop (ulism) at its best! This time no guests on the CD, but something to remix, artwork is from the Flatlander as always. Philistines and do-gooders, for whom the Onkelz or Gabalier are too right, are guaranteed not to have a happy time with this JZ Mini disc ... everyone else continues to bawl about the Christmas parties and dark German New Year's parties! Comes as a jewel case with a 4-page booklet for little money. Just a nice little party disc at the end of the year - good luck, your Germans! "QUOTE LABEL"

Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede

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