Macht & Ehre - Wende oder Untergang

Macht & Ehre is probably one of those bands that you don't need to introduce at this point. Because almost everyone who was or is turned towards the German RAC has had to take notice of this band at some point in the past thirty years. Just in time for the anniversary, Jones has created a monument with new musicians. The nice thing about it is that Macht & Ehre not just rumble down the same number ten times on their almost 40 minutes of RAC, but allow musical variation to flow in and cover the entire spectrum of right-wing rock. The song “Menschenplage” from FIEL is also implemented very strongly! Andy von Streitmacht jumped in as a guest singer!

1. Bringt deutsches Leben wieder

2. Der Hammer fällt

3. Der Mann von einem anderen Stern

4. Fort von dir

5. Menschenplage

6. Messen, fressen und vergessen

7. Plutokrat

8. Der Tod im Labor

9. Wende oder Untergang

10. Zielscheiben 

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