D.S.T. & Sturmkommando - Morituri vos salutant 2022

2 old German RAC bands which never excelled in lyrical subtlety, This is actually the first legal release for both bands if I'm not mistaken. The opening track is a song performed by both bands together, after which they present 6 tracks each. Both bands play a very heavy style, with lots of solos, breakdowns, pounding drums, very metal and metalcore.

01) Lebenszeichen D.S.T/Sturmkommando

02) Kriegsverbrecher/ D.S.T

03) Pulverfass/ D..S.T

04) Erkenne den feind/ D.S.T

05) Zufrieden/ D.S.T

06) Virus/ D.S.T

07) Farbe bekennen/ D.S.T


08) Wir haben es satt/ Sturmkommando

09) Irrenhaus/ Sturmkommando

10) Recht und freiheit/ Sturmkommando

11) Er!/ Sturmkommando

12) Dummheit der verblödung/ Sturmkommando

13) Macht euch frei/ Sturmkommando

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