Feuernacht - Kampf macht frei!

In 53 minutes, the propaganda machine of the skin from the Ostmark audience a brute and powerful work produced by the ears, which slowly brutal guitar riffs and epic and sublime, melodic moments holds as well as in the heaviest artillery passages stick! Different vocal styles that are reminiscent of older times Arkhon Infaustus, death metal - heavy passages and even elements of the metal flow into the hardcore music, which is not particularly surprising when one considers that fire at night uA Musicians involved various known hardcore bands. That the troops not the pure entertainment for plays prove, in addition to the expressive design of the phonogram, especially the lyrics to "fight frees" ... Steeped in history and highly political issue here to the point, what with the seven original compositions and on the black-metal sequel version of HG's "Betrayed by deeds" can recognize. For those groups which in the style of Ad Hominem, Absurd newer, funeral suits, and generally diverse, politically incorrect absolute Black Metal! The whole booklet comes with 16seitigem plus slipcase!

01. Prolog / Feuernacht erwache

02. Kampf macht frei!

03. Bis die Welt vergeht

04. Leichenwasser / Erhebung

05. Zu Sklaven geboren?

06. Black Metal ist…

07. Verraten durch Taten (Hassgesang Cover)

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