Symphonie des blutes - Tag der ehre (mediabook)

32-page media book in DVD format + 1 bonus song! - Limited to only 666 pieces.

 If you want to change the future, you should know your history. With this motto, Symphonie des Blutes is back. As has recently been noticed, a lot is being done to ensure that our history disappears. Monuments are being dismantled, writings honoring the victims are being removed, memorial plaques for the rubble women are being covered up and the daily findings from the latest documentation are adding to the rest. With the latest album Day of Honor, Symphonie des Bluts deals with the outbreak in Budapest in order to draw attention to the fact that our history was written far beyond Germany's borders. The responsibility to ensure that the fate of each individual is not forgotten is our highest duty.


About the album: Musically we can attest to a clear improvement compared to the first album “The Last Battle”, and the vocals have also been given a step up, which means that parallels to Heiliger Krieg can no longer be easily attributed. There is also a beautifully designed 16-page booklet with all the texts.

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