Donars Groll - Gegen den strom

Second album from these non-swedish vikingrockers! Very swedish touch in their sound. This second album even more so since the little bit of metal that you could find on their first album have been tuned down a little bit and the more sing-along a'la Thule and the other vikingrockbands. Pagan lyrics with not so political correct under tunes between the lines. Just as the original vikingrock was meant to be!


1. Intro
2. Eine neue zeit
3. See the valkyries
4. Götterschicksal
5. Wir bleiben frie
6. Eiris sazun idisi...
7. Unsere heimat
8. Ravens
9. Gegen den storm
10. Allvater Odin
11. Die wilde jagd
12. Hammer of Thor






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