Riot - Fuck the world

Oi!-project from the Gothenburg area. Maybe not as unpolitical as they first appeared to be, the characteristic voice is easy to recognize and Riot got banned from the Holmång-festival the some year ago, as they, to the publics delight, performed 'our pride is our loyalty' by Skrewdriver.


This is their second album, higher quality and thereby better then the first one.

1. Oi Oi Skinheads
2. Boys in Blue
3. Open Up Your Eyes
4. Head Kicked In
5. Chaos
6. Hear Nothing
7. Born To Lose
8. Kill the Poor
9. Pitbull Attack
10. A Piece of Meat
11. Gais, öl & Rock'n'Roll
12. Du Gröna, du Svarta

# Midgård

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