Ultima thule - Rötter

Revival! Finally a new - super great - Ultima Thule album is out. And they really show that they still are the kings of Viking-rock.

The album is called Rötter(Roots), and that is exactly what this is; back to the roots where they once upon a time started.

1. Intro: Skapelsen
2. Tid som varit
3. Nidingsdåd
4. Valkyrior visar vägen
5. Balders hird
6. Om Skallagrims son
7. Havamal
8. I Österled
9. Rider igen
10. Rötter
11. Blotlåt
12. Flyg inatt
13. Slag vid Birkabro
14. Outro: Ragnarök

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