Befehl des Gewissens - Deutsches Geleit - (Digipack)


Have you ever wondered what Bound For Glory would sound like with a German vocalist singing in his mother tongue? The answer is awesome!

In this new CD from Rebel Records, all the songs have been translated into German and are performed with excellence, lightning fast solos, and drums that remind me of an MG42.

This album clocks in just under an hour and we get 11 tracks in that time.

01. Der Hasszug Rollt
02. Kalt
03. Heimkehr
04. Vorwärts Zum Sieg
05. Durch Wildes Land (vor 1000 Jahren)
06. Nordische Seele
07. Adler Steig Empor
08. Painted Black
09. Mit Stolz Voran
10. Stalingrad - Seht Das Eiserne Kreuz
11. Der Letzte Akt

Releaseyear: 2017



Rebel Records

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