Skrewdriver - Hail the new dawn

Out of the closset! First album where Ian and his Skrewdriver openly aired their opinions. And what a record! Classics songs are played after each other and no one can say which songs is the best cause everyone have their own favourites... This is the CD that always is included in the discussion which Skrewdriver album that really is the best.


We say nothing about that, but its true...this is pure gold!



1. Hail the dawn
2. Our pride is our loyalty
3. Before the night falls
4. Justice
5. R & N
6. Flying the flag
7. If there's a riot
8. Tomorrow belongs to me
9. Europe awake
10. Soldier of freedom
11. Skrew you
12. Pennies from heaven
13. Power from profit
14. Free my land
15. Don't let them pull you down
16. Tearing down the wall





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