Skrewdriver - Blood and honour

A true classic!


One of the bands absolute top-album. Hard to say which one is the best. Each one have their place in the record collection. But many claim this is THE album. Not only for this band...and other say that the title-song is THE best song Ian ever wrote...


We don't say anything about it since all persons is entitle to have his own opinion. But what we do say is that this album shall be included in each patriots record collection. Its simply - still today - that good. And you only need to look down in the songlist to find some of Ians finest songs...



1. Blood & Honour
2. Mr. Nine to Five
3. Don't Be Too Late
4. When the Storm Breaks
5. Prisoner of Peace
6. Poland
7. Tomorrow is Always Too Late
8. The Way It's Got To Be
9. The Jewel in the Sea
10. One Fine Day
11. Searching
12. Needle Man
13. Open Up Your Eyes
14. I Know What I Want
15. Street Fight
16. Friday Night





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