Max Resist - No Escape

After 9 years world famous and feared Max Resist hit back the frontline of musical resistance.


“No escape” kicks in a traditional Max Resist tune. Instrumentally there's no evidence Sean & Co took any downtime. The rhythm section of bass and drums is as tight as ever, while guitarist Roy (Final War) puts on a phenomenal performance of classic Max`n´Roll sound.



It's clear that age can't stop this band, as this is one of the strongest records in Max Resist`s already distinguished career. Lyrically the guys are tough as ever and they let no doubts in the fight for nationalism


Release year: 2015


 01. Never again

02. Fight (for what you believe)

03. Invaders

04. Martyr

05. No escape

06. The fire

07. Iron rose

08. She is evil

09. Backstabber

10. Orange curtain


11. Dust n´blood


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