Kriegs Legion - Chaos Bomb

Here, in cooperation, Oldschool records and Askania productions present you a new album from Kriegs Legion. And there is once again a US production. This time the sequel of Liberty 37 and Rebel Hell Rund around frontman Colonel Slanders and on the instruments u.a. Bill McNeil from The Rogues, Rival, People Haters and everything else that has ever been played in Detroit under short hair and the "old glory". A mix of trash, hard rock and punk is offered. A splashing motorhead meets fat Southern rock and gets mixed with Liberty 37 ... out comes Kriegs Legion . The album contains ten fat songs. Comes with 4-page booklet.


1. Serpents Coil     

2. The Bleeding Point     

3. Wheel Of Misfortune     

4. Riddle In A Lie     

5. Chaos Bomb     

6. A New Kind Of AIDS     

7. Burn It Down     

8. Last Age Of Rebelion     

9. Conspiracy Of None     

10. Weaponized Autism

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