In Tyrannos - Die maske fällt!

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Gigi from Stahlgewitters new projectband...which makes you sure of certain quality! Hard to describe music that is hard to compare to anything else in our genre. The band themself call it "teutonic trash metal". And its metal and its heavy, to say anything else would be a lie! The lyrics, as well as the whole theme of the record, goes in the sign of conspiracy. We think all metal and Stahlgewitter-fans will love it even if its not the same sound as on a normal recording with Gigi.



1. Die maske fällt
2. Keine theorie
3. Alle tage, alle nächte
4. Freiheit, gleichheit, Brüderlichheit
5. Es gibt nur eine
6. Töten erlaubt
7. Mord in Sarajewo(28.6.1914)
8. Die protokolle
9. Logenrituale
10. Die seuche





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