Carl Klang - Selah: Songs Of Praise To Yehoshua

We have been able to get our hands on bunch of Carl Klang albums. Quite few in stock though. Will probably not come back again.

1.  Jesus, The Way And The Truth And The Life     

2.  Can't You Feel The Kingdom Coming     

3.  My Promised Land     

4.  No King But King Jesus     

5.  We The People Of The United States Of America     

6.  Heaven's Under Siege     

7.  Lord Won't You Save Me From A Few Of Your Followers     

8.  Hear My Prayer     

9.  The Martyr Song     

10. Glory Unto Glory     

11.  Psalms 83     

12.  Awake Oh Israel     

13.  Rise Up And Shine     

14.  HalleluYahweh     

15. Yahshua Messiah     

16.  Hail Yehoshua     

17.  May Yahweh Be     

18.  The Prisoner's Song     

19.  We Praise Yahweh

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