Carl Klang - Extremist too

We have been able to get our hands on bunch of Carl Klang albums. Quite few in stock though. Will probably not come back again.

1. Stars And Stripes Upside Down

2.  Federal Reserve Song

3.  Alphabet Soup

4.  Watch Out For Martial Law

5.  America, America

6.  I'm A Free Man

7.  It's Dangerous To Be Right (When The Government Is Wrong)

8.  It's Coming Down

9.  Leave Our Guns Alone

10. U. S. Citizen

11. Please, Please Federal Police Man

12.  Almost Not Here Anymore

13.  Get A Grip On Immigration

14. The Second American Revolution

15. OKC Bomb Song

16. Clinton's Speech

17. They're Taking The Patriots Away (Ha-Ha)

18. Paper Money

19. Turn Away From The Eagle

20.  Every Day In America

21. I Want To Be An Extremist

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